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Management Team

Our rock-solid bios help make us the most versatile translation company you’ve ever dealt with:

Kirk Kaplan



Lynn H Roberts


Drawing on a versatile print, web and broadcast background, Lynn creates seamless and powerful global communications strategies and leads globotext’s team of journalists, translators, content creators and media experts who together make them a reality.

A highly recognized entrepreneur, Lynn founded and has managed globotext for more than 25 years.

She also provides leadership, strategic and sustainability, values-based communications training and guidance for global managers. Raised in remote areas of Latin America, Lynn has worked extensively with multi-language media launches and operations throughout Latin America and much of the world. She has native fluency in Spanish and English and is proficient in Portuguese.

Kirk Kaplan

creative/brand director

After several decades of handling copy, design, branding, naming and strategy for large and midsize clients in just about every industry known to man – and in several of the planet’s favorite languages – Kirk is ideally equipped to bring excellence to globotext clients needing multilingual support in these disciplines.

He is adept at extending any brand’s look, feel and message into new worlds. Carefully and creatively.

Michael Zitaglio

systems manager

Mike is a multi-talented professional who melds the needs of business, multiculturalism and technology. He finds solutions to meet the message management and delivery challenges of our ever-expanding global operations.

Mike’s versatility in addressing specific client needs, while working with our virtual operations to assure effective project management, allows our global team to function in a seamless & timely manner.

Luis Campuzano

managing editor

An engineer who has lived in Latin America, Asia and the United States, Luis is an analytical and methodical thinker who sees things as they are and shepherds them into what they can be.

As globotext’s  lead recruiter and Total Quality Manager, Luis assures that our project management is streamlined, that our staff achieves and maintains superb quality standards, and that ongoing analysis is used to review and improve every aspect of our operations.


Ignacio Urrutia

assignment editor

A formative year spent in Colorado set the stage for Ignacio’s career in linguistics. Having lived in the US, France, Hungary and Germany, he now resides in Spain where he oversees globotext’s EU Assignment Desk.

Ignacio’s skillset includes translation, education, project management and audiovisual subtitling, in which he holds an MA. A doctoral degree in A/V language adaptation is his next goal. Fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Galician, Ignacio is attuned to evolving language technologies.

Atenea Acevedo

assignment editor

As a globotext Senior Translator, conference interpreter, writer and specialist in gender studies with a keen interest in work-life balance, Atenea now adds ‘Assignment Editor’ to her CV.

Based in Mexico City, she holds a BA in International Relations and was a research fellow at Prague’s University of Economics. Atenea is a well-travelled expert in inclusive writing, diversity, grassroots movements, social development and justice – as well as a renowned conference speaker. She has translated six scholarly books that enjoy wide distribution. Her great non-verbal passion is yoga.

Sol Vargas

assignment editor

Born and raised in Argentina, Sol has always been fascinated by language. She first pursued this passion at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, where she earned her degree in translation, as well as teaching and English literature.

Today, Sol is an ATA-certified translator who specializes in law, government and education. Her wealth of experience as a teacher and editor also enhances her role as Assignment Editor at globotext.  After living in New York, California and Florida, Sol is now back in her hometown where she is active in the local translators’ community.  In her free time, she also enjoys traveling and exploring off the beaten track.

Jeremy Boissel

assignment editor

With undergrad degrees in Criminology and Business Administration, and Masters Degrees in Psychology and Business Administration, Jeremy brings extensive information security management know-how to globotext. He also brings a rich cultural heritage: born and raised in France, he has lived in Spain and is now based in Italy. 

Jeremy’s interest in IT development along with translation and training management fits well with where today’s global language service demands are headed. His key offline interest is permaculture.


Elena Otero

assignment editor

Spanish by birth, Elena has lived in the UK, France, Germany and Hungary. A skilled technical and legal translator who has also taught Spanish as a University lecturer, Elena holds a BA in teaching, an MA in translation, and is currently preparing to pursue a PhD in linguistics.

She is fluent in Spanish, Galician, French, English and Portuguese – and is an avid localization specialist in videogames, having enjoyed a stint working with global game developers in Europe.

Natali Robert

administrative liaison /
photo editor

Natali grew up in Buenos Aires and continues her bi-cultural life in Miami. With both a BA and MA in Photojournalism, she has worked in TV as well as run her own photo studio. Natali brings to globotext not only her dedication to photography and journalism, but also strong expertise in accounting and operations. Her native fluency in Spanish and English and skills at verbal and image-based communication are an ideal fit for the demands of our global virtual operations. Natali is also a gifted yoga instructor.