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subtitling / voiceovers

As companies reach out to train, inform and market to audiences worldwide, video communications have become integral to those efforts. globotext can transcribe, translate, subtitle and voice-over your videos while holding both your objectives and your target audience in mind. We’ll handle everything from a one-off to a full program entailing dozens of videos each day, in dozens of languages.

Our cost effective, speedy turnaround enables you to reach all your markets  efficiently – relying on one contact point for a turnkey solution.

We’ll work with your source format, and deliver the output formats you require for distribution in-market and on multiple platforms.

We’re used to working with very precise communications and can convey them in a transparent fashion. Where appropriate, we are also adept at applying  more interpretative communications that embrace cultural nuance, linguistic inflection, values and perceptions.

Professional multi-lingual voiceover services are available for regional as well as highly localized distribution; let us know your specific needs.

As people around the world access greater numbers of devices, video gains strength as the most result-oriented, effective way to reach certain key segments:  large masses, low-literacy audiences, and those with whom an emotional connection will yield more effective results.

Let us help you reach them effectively and with your messaging intact.