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Translation • Localization

globotext translates and adapts business communications into more than 30 languages: newsletters, press releases, websites, conference materials, earnings reports, user manuals and much more. We localize content to target specific global audiences.    More here


Successful transcreation demands adapting copy for specific audiences and taking editorial license to integrate culture, nuance, and meaning in the target language(s). globotext understands how very different this process is from literal translation. And what value it adds.    More here

Custom Content

globotext creates compelling editorial strategies and content that helps companies reach communication and marketing goals. Our teams of writers and designers produce newsletters, websites, brochures, audio and video features, and more.    More here

Graphic Design & DTP

Multi-language, multi-platform graphic design and desktop publishing (DTP) are integral to globotext’s range of translation services. Many of our clients opt for the efficiency of having translation and design handled in an integrated manner.     More here

Video Subtitling & Voice-Overs

globotext manages our clients’ one-off as well as ongoing subtitling and voice-over needs in dozens of languages, regional dialects, and even exotic languages where literacy is minimal but the need to communicate is crucial.    More here

Sustainability / CSR Translations

globo.sustain is the division of globotext that focuses on translating and adapting Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communications. globo.sustain translates sustainability communications across languages, cultures and media platforms. We adapt and communicate messages across cultural divides with our nuanced understanding of industry, culture and values – respecting the context, intention and objectives of the messaging.     Visit our globo.sustain page