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Leadership Outreach

121202318_LeadershipInset_300x200globo.sustain‘s team is certified in Leadership Coaching and Development, Values Assessment and Cultural Integration and offers customized skills training in these areas. We coach, train and support key personnel and teams to take a powerful leadership role in navigating the increasingly complex sustainability issues that affect the long term prospects of all companies in today’s rapidly shifting business environment.

Contending with sustainability is not a simple proposition. To be successful at it requires strategy development, programs for implementation, effective communication of objectives and values, and periodic results assessment and fine tuning.

If your organization has personnel spread out across the globe, creating an effective team with adequate support and redundancies takes nimble planning and precise implementation. All members of the sustainability project team have to be in sync, regardless of time zones, languages, values and cultural idiosyncrasies.

A leadership/sustainability training initiative with globo.sustain can help get everyone on the same page. And keep them there. 

Common training objectives

  • Individual, team and corporate values assessments
  • Analysis of values to facilitate crafting of communications strategies that promote integration and increased productivity
  • Assessing values in context with communications strategies
  • Leadership coaching in response to multicultural communications demands
  • Cohesiveness and productivity support within multicultural, multi-language environments

Why our approach works

  • We understand profit and loss
  • We understand change
  • We are part of the growing sustainability conversation
  • We cultivate optimal global business practices
  • We understand and nurture the bonds that create a common purpose and shared values