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FAQ Page – final

FAQ’s | globotext & globo.sustain 

What is globotext?

Since 1990, globotext has been providing translation, localization and custom content to hundreds of the world’s leading businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We operate like a fast paced newsroom, maintaining the high standards of a global media outlet.

What does globotext provide?

Our strength is our breadth of service and experience. We provide translation, transcreation, custom content, branding, graphic design, subtitling and voice-overs for multi-language communications – all expertly tailored for distribution via print, web, audio, video.

What makes globotext unique?

Our principals’ background and teams’ skills at sustaining a global multi-lingual newsroom that meets the needs of business and government to communicate seamlessly, in language, with consumers and business communities.

How does globotext work?

HowWeWork_flowchart_revised_color_logoA single call to our editors sets in motion the globotext operation. One person serves as the client contact and manages the entire project. Project Managers, Editors, Translators, Graphic Designers, Writers, Audio/Video producers and technicians and Administration are gathered in nimble, well synchronized teams to meet the requirements of each project. Whether a simple translation, the creation and production of an ongoing magazine or newsletter, a sustainability campaign on five platforms in 25 languages, the same standards of excellence and oversight apply.



Why choose globotext?

Professionalism, speed, accuracy, service, attention to detail and consistency for over 25 years. We work by word-of-mouth and our client list speaks for itself. It is a “Who’s Who” of global business that has been looking to globotext to provide their language and content solutions for decades.

Why is globo.sustain best positioned to translate and
adapt sustainability messages?

  • globo.sustain understands the need to effectively communicate corporate sustainability policies and strategies to employees, investors, suppliers and the communities where they operate
  • We understand how sustainability reporting is conducted and how it must be adapted for global markets
  • globo.sustain’s principal has globo.sustain’s principal has an extensive global trade and investment publishing track record, leadership development expertise, and is certified in Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI-G4 reporting guidelines and the Barrett Values Centre values assessment methodology.
  • Add to this our track record: globo.sustain is an expert in localizing in the largest sense of the term – knowledge of the spoken and written languages – and in understanding and respecting the nuances of cultural values, sensitivities and goals

All this makes us an ideal fit for companies needing to adapt sustainability communications to their global markets and offices.

How does globo.sustain adapt CSR reports for multiple markets?

globo.sustain believes that to best adapt and translate documents for local audiences, a deep understanding of the organization’s sustainability strategies, vision, mission as well as the source-language CSR reports are key to assure faithful representation of the company’s values, beliefs and goals. Going beyond a simple translation, globo.sustain helps companies tailor their reports for individual markets and stakeholders.

Following increasingly standardized reporting led by the Global Reporting Initiative, SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board), the United Nations agencies and a number of accounting firms helps to assure seamless communications to a range of constituencies.

How does globo.sustain work to integrate company values
in its communications?

globo.sustain is able to assess and consider stakeholder and company values when adapting messages to assure that strategies, mission statements, tag lines, product names and other marketing communications reflect and express a company’s core values and beliefs, which in turn affects how they are perceived and received in markets around the world.

How can globo.sustain help a company most effectively deliver
its sustainability strategies?

How a company’s stated values are understood and interpreted by an audience can vary greatly depending on the filters and values of different cultures or subgroups.

For effective impact, localization must be done with knowledge and understanding of industry, market, language, culture, values, beliefs and behaviors, as well as context, intention and objectives.

Understanding this, globo.sustain excels in adapting communications to different markets and audiences, helping build a sturdy bridge between message and receiver.

How does globo.sustain tailor messages for different audiences?

globo.sustain is certified to conduct personal and institutional value assessments using the Barrett Values system, and savvy in many of the current 400 systems used for reporting sustainability and is certified in Global Reporting Initiative’s GRI-G4 reporting guidelines. The wide ranging expertise allows us an intimate knowledge of how reporting is gathered, organized and divulged. Added to its editorial skill in crafting and adapting multi-language messages, integrating desired values, beliefs and behaviors and reporting methodologies to the communications process assures the most appropriate language tailored for specific audiences.

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