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who we are

For more than 25 years, globotext has been a leader in providing translation, localization and custom content – in more than 30 languages – for companies operating around the globe.

We operate a global virtual newsroom that provides a single contact point for your most complex — or routine— projects.

Fast • Efficient • Detail-Oriented • Total Quality Management

globotext is distinguished by our team’s extensive media background, linguistic skills, sector expertise and insights into cultural nuance and demographic segmentation. We are nimble and well versed on the intricacies of all major industries – and many esoteric ones as well.

We “get” the concept of content legacy. As media professionals and linguists, we understand what happens to messages once they are delivered – whether in print, video or web. They must be impeccable under scrutiny a month, a year or twenty years from the time we work with them. They must stand the test of time, accuracy and readability. Ours do.

Our decades of media experience enable us to be among the fastest in the industry, yet we never allow speed to compromise quality. Ever.

Contact us for specific information about how we can help you improve your multi-cultural communication program.